With regards to finding the perfect outfit or home decor thing—or notwithstanding appreciating an excellent lunch or dinner— most people know to go to Bramalea City Center (BCC), Brampton’s most rich and shopping mall.

In any case, not every person realizes that BCC has an exciting history and a lot—and we do mean a lot—of incredible activities planned for the upcoming holiday season.

Without further farewell, here are five things you never thought about BCC.

bramalea city centre

5) It’s Expanded Over the Years

While it’s not strange for a shopping mall to develop extra time, not every person realizes that BCC experienced a quite fantastic redesign that gave it the smooth veneer it’s known for now. In 2010, Bramalea City Center experienced a significant expansion that saw the shopping center develop to over1.5 million square feet.

Presently, Bramalea City Center has a different mix of more than 300 stores and services that attract more than 16 million visitors a year.

4) It’s Tech-Savvy

Need to charge your mobile phone? BCC has got you secured with various advanced mobile phone charging stations.

BCC Fashion

BCC also offers customers its own special application, which you can download here or here. Customers who download the application can get to data about shopping center hours, stores, promotions, events, contests and more. The application likewise offers intuitive way-finding (so you’ll never get lost going from store to store) and access to BCC’s exclusive FashioniCITY Rewards Club (which offers members perks and privileges).

With FashioniCITY, more than 25,000 dedicated shoppers earn “gems” for customer activities like shopping and investing time at the shopping center. The more pearls you gather, the more perks you unlock.

In 2017, the International Council of Shopping Centers awarded the program with a silver award for best Emerging Technology Marketing Campaign.

3) It Cares About the Environment

BCC is very proud for its manageability reputation and its continuing capacity to give the network a perfect, green place for people to shop and work. In 2017, BCC’s conservation endeavors spared what could be compared to 4,000 square feet of landfill space and more than 27 million liters of water. BCC additionally has electric charging stations, so it’s ideal the individuals who drive electric vehicles.

BCC Environment

2) It’s One of Brampton’s Top Employers

Today, BCC is one of the largest employers in the city, providing almost 4,000 jobs for members of the community


1) It’s the place to be this Holiday Season

While it may appear as though we were getting a charge out of summer climate only a couple of minutes prior, the facts demonstrate that the Christmas season is formally upon us—and BCC is, as usual, the ideal place to look for that special someone.

Starting Nov. 16, shoppers will have the capacity to enjoy the landing of Santa Claus, but also a brand new Christmas set and holiday decor (and you’ll have to see it understand just how fabulous and festive it really is).

BCC will likewise be facilitating two Pet Days With Santa and a VIP Santa experience.

For more information on holiday events, click here.

BONUS: It’s Open Most Holidays

Need to make some shop done on a statutory holiday? That is never an issue at BCC, as the middle remains open on most occasions (except for Christmas Day and Good Friday) from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Bramalea City Center is open the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

*Not all retailers may open during stat holidays, so shoppers should call and verify holiday hours with individual stores.

BCC’s Holiday Hours:

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