The engagement was called off last year after the U.S. purportedly expressed concern
A treasure of documents obtained by news networks Rebel Canada shows that the Canadian armed forces planned several exercises with Chinese liberation forces last year, including “winter training” at military bases in Ontario, which borders the United States.

The involvement was canceled by the Canadian defense chief of staff, a decision that received pushback from the State Global Affairs Department who voiced concerns that the cancellation could damage the relationship between Ottawa and Beijing.

What are the details?

Ezra Levant, News Rebel Founder, Tweeted Wednesday, “The biggest spoon I’ve ever had in my life. Trudeau invited Chinese forces to learn about winter war tactics at the Canadian troop base [Garrison Petawawa]. 34 pages of cowardice that are not involved and appeasement to China, hostility against America. ”

Garrison Petawawa is located in Ontario, which is bordered by the United States New York, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Documents quoted by the Levant can be seen in The rebel news reported that the Canadian government gave notes in response to the request from the outlet after trying to strengthen “Russian reports that Canada has sent delegates to China for the 70th birthday celebration for the Navy [People’s Liberation Soldiers]” – only months after two Canadians were arrested in China after the arrest of Canada Huawei DFo Meng Wanzhou, who was accused of conspiracy to violate US sanctions against Iran.

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Documents, marked “SECRET//CANADIAN EYES ONLY, ” Details of several engagements set for 2019 have “potentially paused,” including winter training in Ontario, along with meetings between Canadian officers and coordination of military education and defense at level “1 star or 2 stars” in Canadian land.

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s newspaper also reviewed documents and noted that the Canadian Global Affairs Department objected to the Head of Canadian defense enhancing the training back with the Chinese military, reported that “the United States has raised concerns about shared military exercises that can benefit PLA. ”

The outlet pointed to the February 2019 memo sent by Canada Deputy Foreign Minister, Ian Shugart, who wrote to Deputy Minister of Defense, “Should Canada make a significant reduction in its military involvement with China, China is likely to read this as a revenge step related to the case Wanzhou. ”

The two Canadians arrested in China immediately after Wanzhou’s arrest was Michael Kovrig and Spavor Michael. A third Canadian, Robert Schellenberg – which has been held in China since 2014 concerning allegations of drug smuggling – was sentenced to death shortly after Kovrig and Ravor were arrested. The three men remained imprisoned in the communist country.

The day the documents were revealed, Liberal Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted, “Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to secure the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael – and we will continue to do it until they ‘are safe at home. We will continue to defend Them and stand with their families. ”

In reaction to documents, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Opposition Party) Canada Michael Chong and Defense Minister Jame Bezan released a shared statement that condemned Trudeau, said partly:

“Documents revealed today demonstrate that Global Affairs Canada and National Defence are not coordinated in Canada’s policy toward China and were at odds with each other over the terms of engagement between the Canadian Armed Forces and the People’s Liberation Army. Furthermore, despite the fact that China has kidnapped our citizens, punished our farmers and threatened Canadians in Hong Kong, the Liberal government is willing to jeopardize our Five Eyes intelligence alliance to avoid offending the communist regime in Beijing.
Chong and Bezan concluded:

“Enough is enough. Canada needs a government that is willing to stand up to China and for our values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Instead of spurning the advice of our allies, it is time to listen, and to ensure that Canada stands on the right side of history.”

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