The so-called “lifestyle pouches” mimic classic chewing tobacco, aka Swedish Snus
Supposedly the only chewing cannabis at present available, the items by Cannadips comprise of essential oils, monk fruit and a dry cannabis tincture packaged in a small pouch made of coconut fiber.

The purported “lifestyle pouches” copy great biting tobacco, otherwise known as Swedish snus (think spittoons and gum erosion), and come in Citrus, Mint and American flavors and are available in CBD and THC variations.

At the point when the cannabis is chewed, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the covering of the client’s mouth and are carried directly to the buccal artery, completely bypassing the liver. This creates a faster onset, as well as a more short-lived high. So as to produce chewing cannabis that could be orally absorbed, Cannadips has created a water-dispersible form of the drug.

“The cannabinoids in cannabis are fat soluble. So for the most part to allow these products, they have to either be combusted, which has a harmful impact, or get combined into food products and are eaten,” Cannadips fellow benefactor Case Mandel disclosed to Green Entrepreneur.

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“The issue with expanding things through the digestive system is that it experiences your liver and can be excessively psychoactive. In creating Cannadips, we were to a couple of chemists who found a way to make the cannabinoids water-dispersible, meaning that they dispersed in liquid or saliva.”

Mandel says he was hoping to create an alternative to traditional chewing tobacco, which was popular in the surfing community in which he grew up and is now considered a major health hazard.

“That was our unique thought,” he said. “Little did we know, at that point, there was so much more to it. We were designing a much more effective delivery system.”

A downside to Cannadips is the difficulty in dosing

“We don’t have a clue what percent of our items get assimilated in the mouth section the gut now as we haven’t had the capacity to lead clinical research in the U.S. There is some little level of the delayed absorption, but, unlike edibles, our product is rapid acting,” says Mandel.

So far, Cannadips is only available for sale in California.

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