An Angus man who shot a BB gun at innocent people while on a drive-by shooting binge was having a “hoot” a court heard Tuesday.

The sordid game of thrills ended after Hunter Samson-Boucher, 20, of Angus, and his buddy, Christian Amato, 22, of Innisfil, was arrested for shooting one man in the face and blinding him in the right eye, leaving him floundering on the ground in distress as they hurried off.

Remaining in the detainee’s container in binds Tuesday, Samson-Boucher conceded to disturbed strike and pointing a gun.

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“This was a senseless, thoughtless, cowardly crime,” said Justice Anastasia Nichols as she condemned him to 22 months in a commonplace provincial jail.

Victim Drew Armstrong, 31, as of now incompletely disabled from a bout of childhood cancer, was limping home from his job at Canadian Tire on Bayfield street when suddenly a car pulled up in the darkness with hazard lights flashing and someone in the car yelled, November 19, 2018.

“I strolled toward them since I thought they required assistance,” said Armstrong outside of court.

Suddenly somebody yelled “bang!” and shot Armstrong in the face. He crumpled to the ground in pain as the two men sped off.

A brief timeframe prior the pair discharged shots at four children who were playing on skateboards in the carport.

The children told police a car pulled up and the driver yelled then shot at them with a black, smoking, pistol and sped off.

Another injured individual, Paul McBride, was out strolling his dog on Pine Grove Avenue when he said two men drove by and took shots at him multiple times.

“It was nothing but karma that nobody else was harmed,” said Crown Michelle Levasseur during the condemning.

“There is just single word for the offense – horrific.”

In court the Crown read out Armstrong’s injured individual effect as he sat at the front of the court, head bowed.

He expounded on the torment, the downturn, going to sustenance for solace, and the dread that makes him investigate his shoulder at whatever point a vehicle drives by.

“I endured gigantic migraines. My eye was continually spilling. Furthermore, presently my eyeball is contracting,” Armstrong composed.

“I prefer not to go out in the daylight … I feel a lesser individual.”

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In bail court last November, Samson-Boucher’s mom, Shelley Samson, sobbed as she affirmed her child is a “decent kid.”

She said her child was named Hunter since he originates from a group of trackers.

“He was trained that weapons are not a toy,” she said.

“My child was not raised along these lines – it’s Christian’s issue.”

He was discharged on bail twice yet ruptured conditions the multiple times.

Co-blamed Christian Amato will be back in court in January for a fundamental hearing.

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