Are you a fan of ghost stories? If you are, there are a lot of plenty of ghosts walks just outside of Brampton. Ghost walks give you a chance to learn some haunting tales while also getting a little bit of a history lesson at the same time. Usually, the guides also dress up in old victorian apparel and even carry a lantern to bring the spooky atmosphere to life. Here are the best ghost walks you can visit outside the city this summer!

5) Ghost Walks: Downtown Hamilton

The downtown area of Hamilton has probably the best ghost stories in the city! This walk will take you to the Royal Connaught, Right House, Hamilton Place, St. Paul’s Church and the Gothic Pigott Building.

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During the walk, you’ll find out about the Colorful Women of Hamilton, the accepted phantoms of ladies wearing diverse hued dresses, and even an anecdote about the city’s association with a suspect in the scandalous Jack the Ripper case. The following strolls will be held in August, and you can book your place at this moment!

4) Ghost Walks: Toronto

This walk takes you through Toronto’s most spooky neighborhood. You learn accounts of judges being humiliated by ghosts; couples scared away by the city’s rebel mayor ghost, and a morgue attendant who never left St. Michael’s Hospital even after his death. The walk will also make stops at the Mackenzie House, Massey Hall and under the marquee of the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre. The tours are available every Friday and Saturday night from now until November 2.

3) Ghost Walks: Niagara on the Lake

This walk will take you through one of Canada’s most haunted towns. Discover chilling anecdotes about the Olde Angel Inn, Niagara Courthouse and Prince of Wales Hotel. You’ll likewise get the opportunity to encounter some of North America’s most established legends; a secret at the Apothecary, the auditorium apparition frightening crowds and a manor that causes cameras to go insane. You’ll likewise find out about the seances, secrets and dark history at the center of the only war fought in Canada. The walks are available every night from now into August.

2) The Original Haunted Walk of Kingston

This walk is believed to be one of the best ghosts walks in Canada.

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This 90-minute walk begins in the lobby of the Prince George Hotel (200 Ontario Street) and takes you through the quiet streets of the city at night. If you choose this tour, you’ll learn about hangings at the courthouse, body snatchings, and a haunted guest house.

1)The Ghost Tours of Quebec

If you’re alright with traveling far outside the city, this one is justified, despite all the trouble! On this hour and a half visit through the boulevards of Old Quebec, you’ll hear accounts of homicide, executions, baffling apparition sightings, disasters and hauntings more than 400 years of the city’s history. The whole town has a wonderful gothic feel, which just encourages add to the creepy environment. You can book your place on the walking tour every night from now until Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Ghost Tours of Quebec

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