A school in Richmond was named the “green” in Canada.

W.D. Ferris SD is given the highest marks in the state-wide competition, run by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). It looked at how environmental education is emphasized in school, in conservation programs and efforts, how the student health benefits of school facilities and community initiatives recently.

The experts in the green building looking at the application of the whole country, and find Ferris stood out to encourage active transportation, waste reduction efforts, as well as water and energy consumption.

The audit shows students and staff have reduced the number of compost bins in the school with 95 percent in the last decade.

It also installed water bottle stations, which reduce the number of plastic bottles used in the building by the thousands filling.

Faculty encourage students to engage in a letter-writing campaign and signed the petition, engage with their local leaders on environmental issues and conservation.

“Ferris school community is honored to have been selected as Canada’s Greenest School in 2019 by the Canada Green Building Council. We also want to acknowledge the hard work done by students and staff daily in schools across Canada to educate the public about environmental management, “said Principal Diane Steele in a release. “We encourage all schools to green-minded inspire change in their communities.”

This school received a $ 2,000 prize from the CaGBC to put towards a sustainability project.

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