The Peel Region has updated the yard waste collection schedule once again.

Weekly yard waste collection will begin on September 30 and ends on December 13 for residents in Brampton.

Residents in the area quarantined Canadian Food Inspection Agency of Malton Asian long-horned beetle could not move the waste yard, nursery stock, trees, timber, wood, lumber, wood chips and bark chips from a restricted area.

yard waste in this area will be collected from the roadside on collection days are scheduled, but it is not acceptable for drop-off at one of the Regional Community Recycling Center.

yard waste must be at the curb by 7:00 on the day of your collection in the trash can be accepted, the container and / or bag.

A bin/container used for yard waste collection must:

  • Clearly labeled “Yard Waste”;
  • Rigid and reusable with a handle attached or molded to the exterior;
  • Smaller than 60 cm wide / 95cm (38in.) Height (24in.); and,
  • Weighing less than 20 kg (44lbs.) When it is full

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A Kraft brown paper bags used for yard waste collection must:

  • Supports a maximum weight of 20 kg when lifted, without tearing (44lbs.);
  • Safe close when full; and,
  • Smaller than 66cm (26in.) Width / 90cm (35in.) High
  • Residents are reminded that the brush should be cleared and safe courtyard tied in bundles no more than 4 ft. Long and 30 in. Wide.

Residents can also use their old garbage containers or blue/gray box to leave yard waste for collection.

All containers repurposed to be in good condition and clearly labeled “Yard Waste” will be collected.

Residents who use the services of lawn maintenance company must notify them of yard waste schedule so that the company can coordinate appropriately. Yard waste can also be dropped off at the Regional Community Recycling Center (CRC).

If you want your yard waste drop off, ensuring stored in Kraft brown paper bag, delivered loose or emptied of all the containers or other bags before being placed in the trash disposal.

Yard waste drops off is always free at the location of Bolton and Caledon. In all other locations CRC, $ 5 flat rate applies to loads up to 50 kg (£ 110). It costs 10 cents per kilogram applies to a larger load of 50kg.

If you are unsure of your garbage collection schedule, click here. Residents can also sign up for a new Notification Waste Program, which sends reminders collection via text message, email or phone call.

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