Candidates have until 2 p.m. local time Monday to file nomination forms
With the official time limit for the nomination of federal candidates only days away, the Liberals still have not filled in the list to enter candidates in all 338 ridings in Canada.

The candidate filing deadline is 2:00 pm on Monday.

“That’s why we encourage candidates to not wait until the last minute because if there is a mistake or an error, which would be beyond the deadline,” said Nathalie Demontigny, from Elections Canada.

Green, Conservatives, and NDP say they have a full slate

So far, the Green Party, Conservatives, and NDP all said they had a full slate of candidates ready to go to elections on October 21

People’s Party of Canada said that, at the time of publication, they have 325 candidates supported by the party.

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Liberals, meanwhile, say they have confirmed 336 candidates. Asked on Thursday about not having a full slate yet, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will simply say that he looks “forward to presenting 338 candidates were outstanding for Canada on October 21.”

the party did not provide demographic details of their candidates, in contrast, say an email to Brampton News, the team “including veterans, teachers, environment, traditional leaders, supporters LGBTQ2, businessmen, scientists, labor leaders, first responders, Olympic and Paralympians, experienced MPs, and much more.”

But counting on their website the number of women candidates, so far, showed a total 133.

Incumbent denied a nomination

This week, the party faced some controversy over the nomination. The Globe and Mail reported that the Montreal-area incumbent candidate Eva Nassif he rejected the Liberal nomination in the riding, in part because he never sent any social-media tribute earlier this year praising Trudeau as a feminist.

When questioned Thursday in Sudbury, Ont., On this issue, Trudeau said that he respects the decision made by the committee of independent Greenlight party, which follows the rules set by the party and assessing whether people are eligible to be candidates.

One of the last slot for the Conservatives to fill was the riding of Winnipeg North. They have been the only party to begin the campaign with 338 candidates. But Winnipeg North candidate they resigned after controversial comments he made on social media about Islam and ethnic groups were revealed.

On Thursday night, the website Jordyn Ham party listed as running in the riding. But as the time of publication, the name does not appear on electoral Canada confirmed the list of candidates.

And for the demographic breakdown of their candidate, a party spokesman said 107 were women.

NDP, meanwhile, provided a full demographic breakdown of their candidates. Almost half, 49 percent (166) of their candidates are women, while 24 percent (80) is a racist, 12 percent (40) from a community LGBTQ2, 12 percent (39) are young candidates, eight percent (27) is indigenous and five percent (17) live with disabilities.

Want to do something different

During a campaign stop in Campbell River, BC, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh acknowledged that his campaign has been repeatedly questioned about why it had taken so long to fill all the slots candidates. But Singh said that he wanted to do something different.

“It was one of my commitment to make sure we have a slate of candidates, the candidate who represents the Canadian team,” he said. “I am proud that we have been able to achieve some pretty impressive results.”

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The Green Party said that 46 percent (156) of their candidates are women and four non-binary, five percent (18) is a racist, four percent (12) customs, and eight percent (28) of the public LGBTQ2.

Among the requirements needed to meet the requirements to run, a person must be 18, a Canadian citizen and has collected the names, addresses, and signatures of at least 100 eligible voters.

Candidates can still withdraw or her nomination by 05:00 local time on September 30. But they have to personally submit a written statement of withdrawal with the officer back, sign it and have it witnessed by two of eligible voters, according to Elections Canada.

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