The process of restoring the gutted landmark will face substantial challenges — starting immediately, with the urgent need to protect the inside of the 850-year-old cathedral from the elements, after its timber-beamed roof was consumed by flames.

Notre Dame in Paris isn’t the first cathedral to suffer a staggering flame, and it most likely won’t be the last.

As it were, that is good news. A global army force of experts and craftspeople can be called on for the long, complex process of restoring the gutted landmark.

The work will face substantial difficulties — beginning quickly, with the urgent need to secure within the 850-year-old cathedral from the elements, after its timber-beamed roof was consumed by flames.

The first priority is to set up a temporary metal or plastic roof to stop rain from getting in. Then, engineers and architects will begin to assess the damage.

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Luckily, Notre Dame is a completely recorded structure. Throughout the years, students of history and archeologists have made exhaustive plans and images, including minutely itemized, 3-D laser-scanned re-creations of the inside.

Duncan Wilson, CEO of the protection conservation organization Historic England, said Tuesday that the cathedral will need to be made secure without disturbing the debris scattered inside, which may provide valuable information — and material — for restorers.

“The second test is really rescuing the material,” he said. “A portion of that material might be reusable, and that is a careful exercise. It resembles an archeological excavation.”

Despite fears at the height of the inferno that the whole cathedral would be lost, the structure appears intact. Its two rectangular towers still jut into the Paris skyline, and the great stone vault stands atop heavy walls supported by massive flying buttresses. An edifice built to last an eternity withstood its greatest test.

Tom Nickson, a senior teacher in medieval workmanship and engineering at London’s Courtauld Institute, said the stone vault “went about as a sort of flame entryway between the very combustible rooftop and the exceedingly combustible inside” — similarly as the house of God’s medieval developers proposed.

Presently, careful checks will be expected to decide if the stones of the vaulted roof have been debilitated and broken by the warmth. Provided that this is true, the entire vault may be torn down and re-raised.

The house of God’s stunning recolored glass rose windows seem unblemished however are most likely enduring “warm stun” from extreme warmth pursued by virus water, said Jenny Alexander, a specialist on medieval workmanship and design at the University of Warwick. That implies the glass, set in lead, could have hung or been debilitated and will require minute examination.

Once the building has been stabilized and the damage assessed, restoration work can begin. It’s likely to be an international effort.

It’s not always a straightforward choice. Notre Dame’s spire, destroyed in Monday’s blaze, was added to the Gothic cathedral during 19th-century renovations. Should it be rebuilt as it was, or replaced with a new design for the 21st century?

Financial and political considerations, as well as aesthetic ones, are likely to play a part in the decision.
It’s not generally a direct decision. Notre Dame’s tower, annihilated in Monday’s blast, was added to the Gothic church building amid nineteenth-century redesigns. Would it be a good idea for it to be modified as it might have been, or supplanted with another plan for the 21st century?

Money related and political contemplations, just as tasteful ones, are probably going to have an impact on the choice.

Getting materials may likewise be a test. The house of prayer rooftop was produced using oak bars cut from hundreds of years old trees. Indeed, even in the thirteenth century, they were difficult to find. Nickson said there is most likely no nation in Europe with sufficiently huge trees today.

Alternatives could include a different type of structure made from smaller beams, or even a metal roof — though that would be unpopular with purists.

The reestablished structure should reflect current wellbeing and security benchmarks. In any case, Eric Salmon, a previous site supervisor at the Paris house of prayer, said it is difficult to wipe out all hazard.

“It resembles a road mishap. It can happen anyplace, whenever,” said Salmon, who currently fills in as specialized chief at the Notre Dame church building in Strasbourg, France.

The top of Strasbourg’s Notre Dame was set on fire amid the 1870 Franco-Prussian War. It took as long as five years to reestablish the wooden structure. These days the rooftop is part into three fireproof segments to ensure one blast can’t devastate everything. Smoke identifiers are at ordinary interims.

In any case, Salmon said that what worked in Strasbourg may not be appropriate for Paris. Every house of God is novel.

“We are not going to adjust a noteworthy landmark to regard the standards. The guidelines must be adjusted to the structure,” he said.

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Specialists concur the undertaking will take years, if not decades. Audrey Azoulay, executive general of UNESCO, the United Nations’ social association, said reestablishing Notre Dame “will keep going quite a while and cost a ton of cash.”

An administration request for assets has officially raised a huge number of euros (dollars) from French organizations. In any case, few uncertainties that Notre Dame will rise once more.

“Houses of prayer are stone phoenixes — updates that out of misfortune we might be reawakened,” said Emma Wells, a structures prehistorian at the University of York.

“The silver covering, on the off chance that we can consider it that, is this takes into account antiquarians and archeologists to come in and reveal a greater amount of its history than we at any point knew previously. It is a palimpsest of layers of history, and we can come in and comprehend the art of our medieval progenitors.”

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