In an effort to reduce shootings and violent attacks, Mayor Patrick Brown pushed for more surveillance cameras in Peel Police.

At a meeting of the Council on the Peel Police Friday, October 25 Brown gave birth to a motion for a new CCTV camera that will be installed along Highway 410 and 403.

The motion citing a large number of violent crimes has recently taken in place in the Region of Peel, said, “Many of these crimes have occurred along 410 Highway in Brampton,” the movement is also found circuit cameras have been proven to reduce the instances of crime and help with the police investigation.

Trust in Canada’s democracy, justice and media down post-election

“Being a Safe City is a top priority for the City Council and we will continue to focus on providing the necessary resources to keep Brampton safe city to live, work and play,” Brown said.

The motion, which calls for the Peel Police Board to work with the provincial government for approval and funding of this camera, seconded by Deputy Chief Ron Chatha and approved.

“Recently, a gang shooting targeted at 410 has been partly due to the lack of a camera and the ability quickly to clear the scene. We can not allow blind spots like this that the gang clearly took advantage of. ”

Do you agree with the decision to install new CCTV cameras along the 410 and 403?

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