OTTAWA – Canada has a foot in preparing for a potential outbreak of a new coronavirus as the country already has detailed pandemic plans, according to the federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu.

It includes lessons from the 2003 outbreak of SARS in Ontario and the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.
So what should happen if the virus began to spread in Canada? Here is a simplified view:

-Some step in the plan is already underway, such as improving disease surveillance in Canada and globally, and to remind the public to potential outbreaks. The government has also increased the capacity of laboratories to accommodate a test for the virus and put out guidelines for healthcare providers and public health advice. It is also a fast start funding research into the virus.

-A priority is to find out how bad things, and how bad they are likely to get is based on how easily the disease spreads and how sick it makes people who catch it. H1N1 flu, for example, has moderate transmissibility and not very severe, such as the influenza virus away. That puts a similar effect with a bad flu season. 1918 “Spanish flu,” on the other hand, makes people very sick and is very contagious. Unbelievably, it is deadly to young adults, putting extreme pressure on the health system is patchy and killed about 50,000 Canadians.

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After each person has a handle on both factors, it becomes easier to predict what would the impact be on the individual patient, health systems, society, and economy, allowing the federal and provincial governments to prepare.

-So far confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19 in Canada has been found in people who have recently traveled abroad and very close contact them. If the virus began to spread locally, provinces and territories are expected to increase the capacity to handle the increased case.

-If scattered cases at the local level, the government may also consider things such as school closures and gather volunteers to open reception centers for people who are sick and need help but do not need hospitalization.

-If things are worse, then it is time for triage. If the virus following the provincial health system capacity, they are supposed to improve their surge capacity as much as possible. If that does not work, they have to decide who need the services the most. It was also when public health agencies will consider canceling large meetings such as festivals and sporting events.

-If the pandemic vaccine becomes available plans said the province and the federal government must decide who will get it first, based on who is most at risk, and begin the immunization of people as soon as possible.

-The plan describes what happens when a pandemic dies down and things began to return to normal. The first is to prepare for a possible resurgence and restock supplies. health systems should also be incorporated immunization programs, if a vaccine exists, and evaluate the psychological effects of the plague on society.

-When it’s really over, it’s time to look back and evaluate how it went, so that the plan can be updated for the next health crisis.

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