Canadian passenger on a yacht where four people have died from the new coronavirus is removed from the vessel and the second vessel carrying passengers more healthy and repatriated back to Canada, the US president said Donald Trump.

Trump told reporters during the 19th COVID daily briefing on Wednesday that both the Canadians and British government were “coming to take people who are behind the ship to their homeland” once the MS Zaandam docks in Florida on Thursday.

“Canada will come, the U.K. will come, and we must be American, “he said. “We had some pretty sick people, and we took care of it.

“We will take Canada off and gave them to the Canadian authorities, they will bring them back home. … We have to help people, they are in big trouble, no matter where they are from. ”

Brampton News has reached out to the global Affairs Canada to confirm the comments, Trump.

About 250 Canadians are one of the passengers aboard the Holland America Zaandam, was denied entry by some countries before Trump gave it permission to dock in Fort Lauderdale.

None of the passengers who died were residents of Canada, Global Affairs Canada has confirmed. It is not clear on Wednesday if any Canadians were among the dozens who had fallen ill.

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Approximately 1,200 passengers and 586 crew members were on board when it departs March 7 Buenos Aires, to San Antonio, Chile.

Guests were placed under lockdown in their staterooms on March 22 after a number of guests and crew members came down with flu-like symptoms.

healthy living was transferred to a second vessel, the MS Rotterdam, which is now headed to Fort Lauderdale. But some passengers who now also been ill.

On April 1, Holland America Zaandam said 83 passengers and 14 in Rotterdam has been presented with influenza-like symptoms, along with 136 crew Zaandam.

“We have seen a significant reduction in the presentation of new cases in Zaandam, with only one new case reporting in the last 24 hours,” the company said in a statement Wednesday.

Holland America said global News that 150 Canadians were among the hundreds of passengers moved to Rotterdam, while 97 remain in Zaandam.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters Saturday that federal officials worked to bring Canadian home from Zaandam, which was then anchored off the coast of Panama because of the wait state will accept the entry.

Despite the protests of the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, Trump said he would do “the right thing” for humanity and allow the ship to dock there.

He said Wednesday that “we have no choice” but to take the ships in, and said he was in touch with both officials.

“I do not want to do that, but we have to,” he said. “People are dying.”

Holland America said on Wednesday afternoon, they were still awaiting confirmation from the guest down boats in Fort Lauderdale. The ships will remain outside US waters when they arrived near the coast of Florida Thursday morning, waiting for permission to enter.

After the ship docked, guests fit to travel to the US Centers for Disease Control will transfer directly to the home-bound journey, “the majority” which would in charter flights, the company said.

“Out of an abundance of caution, guests will be transported in a coach that will be removed, with limited contact person-to-person and while wearing a mask,” a statement posted to the company’s website says, noting those precautions “also exceeded “The federal health guidelines for tourists.

Approximately 45 passengers who still have mild illness and unfit to travel will be isolated in Zaandam board until cured, and will only be allowed to travel once cleared to do so, cruise lines added.

A spokesman for Holland America would not say if any of their passengers are Canadian, US health citing privacy laws.

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With files from the Associated Press and Canadian Press

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