Non-Apple fans, however, may not get the joke. Cook’s Apple-logo icon is just noticeable on iPhones and Mac PCs. On Windows, it’s a blank square; on Android, it renders differently as an X-ed out or blank gray rectangle

To President Donald Trump, it was an awkward slip of the lip. To Apple CEO Tim Cook, it was a chance to make some guileful jokes about a president who has often clashed with the tech industry.

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A day after Trump mistakenly referred to Cook at a White House meeting as “Tim Apple” — an understandable slip, maybe, originating from the owner of the Trump Organization — Cook unobtrusively altered his Twitter profile, replacing his last name with the Apple logo.

Cook didn’t freely recognize the change, yet it didn’t take long for Apple fans to notice and get the message out.

Tim Apple

That is not wholly amazing for Apple, which broadly inclines toward its very own gadgets and programming over others. Apple didn’t react to a question about the logo misstep (if in fact, it was a misstep).

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The White House, in the interim, seems, by all accounts, to be occupied with some harm control. In the official transcript of the gathering, the words “Tim” and “Apple” are separated by a dash as though Trump had delayed, possibly to thank both the executive and the company.

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