Brian Pallister’s guarantee to offer jobs to Quebec civil servants is an empty one, Manitoba Liberals Leader Dougald Lamont says.

Quebec’s controversial law that bans government employees from wearing religious images at work has caused numerous territories, including Manitoba, to stand in opposition to the law. On Thursday, Premier Brian Pallister said Manitoba would take a gander at enrolling Quebec government workers who are stressed over the absence of opportunity to express their faith.

Lamont said Sunday that Pallister’s offer is simply “void political acting” given the procuring solidifies and what Lamont called an “undermining of francophone rights in Manitoba”.

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“The Manitobans who have been laid off under the Pallister Government are wondering exactly what jobs individuals from Quebec are being approached to fill,” Lamont said in a news discharge. “A ton of government employees in Manitoba come to work not realizing how much longer they will even have occupations on the grounds that the Pallister Government has a contracting solidify and has cut French projects.”

Lamont said the Pallister government has dismantled French educational supports for teachers and students studying French and French immersion in Manitoba.

The provincial government would not comment on the Liberals announcement but referred back to Pallister’s original comment from Thursday. A provincial spokesperson said the number of people working for central government increased by 800 last year.

Lamont said the Manitoba Liberal Party welcomes any Quebec civil servants to Manitoba, but added they should wait until after the provincial election.

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