A construction company that won Canadian military and government contracts worth millions of dollars has experienced ransomware attacks.

general contractor Bird Construction, based in Toronto, allegedly targeted by a group of cyber threats in December 2019. MAZE MAZE claims to have stolen 60 GB of data from the company, which landed 48 contracts worth $ 406m with the Canadian Department of National Defense between 2006 and 2015.

In an email to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a company spokesman Bird Construction wrote: “Bird Construction respond to cyber incidents that resulted in the company file encryption Bird continues to function without the business impact, and our work with leading cybersecurity experts to restore access to the affected files.”

MAZE modus operandi is to demand a ransom from the victim to secure the return of the data that the group has stolen and encrypted. Victims warned that failure to pay will result in the publication of this data. If the victim refuses to pay, the next step is usually to publish MAZE small amount of data that claims to have stolen to show it means business.

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According to Emsisoft threat analyst Brett Callow, MAZE now has published data that claims to have stolen from Bird Construction. A published file containing personal data of employees and information relating to the Canadian company Suncor Energy, with Bird Construction has worked on several projects.

Callow said the Brampton-News: “Maze actually published some data Bird files including documents relating to Suncor and notes for some employees Bird including their name, home address, telephone number, information banking, social security number, tax forms., health number, drug and alcohol test results-everything that a criminal would need to steal their identity, and all the info has been posted on the web unclear where anyone could have accessed it. ”

Data published on the Brampton-News has seen, consists of two large PDF files, each of which is associated with Bird Construction employees separately, plus document detailing the authorization of the vehicle entrance and alcohol and drug testing procedures at Suncor.

Callow adds: “The big question is: what else MAZE gain and not one of the data relating to government and military contracts Bird?”

Bird Construction has not yet said whether any ransom had been paid for his cyber attackers. Callow suggest every company that will be affected by ransomware to not pay up.

He said: “There is no way for a company to know that the data will be deleted after a ransom was paid fact, may not be removed Why criminal enterprise data delete that they may be used or money later on?”

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