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Game of Thrones plot leak proven true, reveals how HBO show will end, who’ll claim Iron Throne

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Heavily detailed plot descriptions of Game of Thrones fourth and fifth episodes have been proven true. The original Reddit post also contains details for episode six and reveals who’ll sit on the Iron Throne.

Highly detailed plot synopses of the fourth, fifth and sixth episodes of Game of Thrones’ final season were posted online more than two weeks ago, and after the release of episodes four and five, their accuracy has been corroborated. This suggests that the details of the final episode of the hit HBO show, which reveal how the show will end, might perhaps be true as well.

Potential spoilers follow.

The leak originated on Reddit and provided extremely accurate descriptions of the plot. While we won’t is revealing spoilers here, click on the hyperlink at your own peril.

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Here are leaked details from episode five, which turned out to be true. “Dany has Varys executed. Dany assaults King’s Landing and it’s one-sided as hell.” The post continues, “King’s Landing gets wrecked in the battle. Drogon burns Euron’s fleet. The Hound fights his brother. They both die. Jaime fights Euron and kills him, but Jaime is mortally wounded. Jaime makes it to Cersei and they die together.”

Previously, plot details such as, “Varys betrays Dany because he thinks Jon would be a better ruler,” and “Cersei has Missandei executed,” were proven to be true.

The leak of these details have been attributed to multiple sources, and some posts appeared as long as 11 months ago. The production went to great lengths to protect the plot from being leaked; they shot in closed environments, had stringent anti-piracy methods on set and, like Marvel, shot multiple versions of important scenes. “I think they’re filming a bunch of stuff and they’re not telling us,” actor Emilia Clarke told the Hollywood Reporter previously. There are lots of different endings that could happen; I think we’re doing all of them and we aren’t being told which is actually what’s going to happen.”

Sophie Turner said that a ‘drone killer’ had been deployed on set. “If a drone flies above sets, there’s a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool. It creates a field around it and the drones just drop. It’s very X-Men,” she said at an event.

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Scripts for the final season reportedly vanish after scenes have been shot. Said Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, “They’re very, very strict. It’s reached a crazy level this year. We actually get the scripts, and then when we’ve shot the scene — and we only have it digitally — and then when you’ve done the scene, it just vanishes. It’s like Mission: Impossible. ‘This will self-destruct.”

Game of Thrones will air its series finale on May 20, Monday, on Hotstar, and on Star World and Star World HD every Tuesday at 10 pm.

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