Ottawa paramedics were called to the scene of a crash on a motocross track Sunday after a rider suffered from cardiac arrest in the middle of a run.

As indicated by authorities the man, in his 40s, crumbled around 3:17 p.m. while riding around a west-end motocross track. A second rider couldn’t keep away from man’s fallen motorcycle and crashed into it.

Paramedics said a taking a break nurture rapidly ran onto the track and started CPR. The second rider endured just minor back and chest injuries.

Both men were taken to an Ottawa hospital for further treatment. The man who suffered from cardiac arrest was in critical condition.

Paramedics said the nurse’s quick activities vastly increased the man’s odds of survival. They also said that this was the third incident in the past week where bystanders have been credited for treating a person who had gone into cardiac arrest.

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