Nonplussed with the ‘racial’ suggestion, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said ‘Canadians look like all sorts of people’.

Canada’s Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) was met with unsolicited, racial advice during an interaction with voters in Montreal Wednesday where one of the voters suggested he ‘cut off his turban’ to look more Canadian.

Nonplussed with the suggestion, Singh said ‘Canadians look like all sorts of people’.

The video that has now been widely shared on social media, shows the Sikh leader shaking hands with the voter before the latter leans forward to make the suggestion. Upon hearing Singh’s response, the voter further suggested, ‘In Rome, you do like the Romans do’. To this, Singh responds: “This is Canada you can do like… whatever you like.” To which the man replied, “Alright, take care,” adding: “I hope you win.”

Singh later responded to the video. “Many Canadians are told that we must change who we are to succeed. My message to you: do not change who you are. Everyone deserves his place.”

Singh said he, like many others in Canada, had faced racism and discrimination across the country.

The Indian-origin politician made history by becoming Canadian Parliament’s first non-white leader of a major political party. Singh is the leader of the NDP, the country’s third-largest political party, which has ruled several provinces but has not been elected to power.

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