Gross. It’s not a lot of words related to Canada – except perhaps to winter here. But during this election campaign, nastiness has become one of the only unifying themes, as the trade insults and dig up scandals from coast to coast to coast.

Canada votes in the general election on Monday and the rhetoric of the campaign to date has been poisoned and the “desert of public policy point of view,” said veteran Canadian poll Nik Nano Nano Research. All that has been denied Canadian voters turned off and adds a layer of complexity to a Canadian election the most unpredictable in history.

Two of the top contenders are the Liberal leader and Prime Minister of the ruling Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Through it all, they have been entangled in a virtual tie for the popular vote. Both have a clear path to organize the Canadian parliamentary system. “If people were to describe the election, it would be ‘Indecision 2019’,” said Nano.
Polls and Google search shows the level of health is a major election issue for many Canadians despite the climate crisis is not far behind. Taxes, education and other issues of legalizing marijuana Canadians who want to hear more about. The Conservative Party is considered to have a more aggressive stand on tax cuts while many voters believe Scheer will do less than the other leaders on climate.
But there’s a reason some Canadians call ‘Seinfeld’ election, or election about nothing. None of the problems that have been involved voters and that pollsters believe could swing a significant voice against one party or leader.

When does Canada vote?

Form a minority government (with support from other parties) will also be complicated. The sitting prime minister – Trudeau, in this case – is usually given the first chance to form a government, even if he wins fewer seats than their opponents. That means that an opposition politician who won the popular vote may have the most seats in parliament – but still not get a chance to form a government.

Canada Election Puts Spotlight on Oil-climate Divide, Voters Condemn Trudeau’s Strict Green Policies

“We could have had the Conservatives won the popular vote by one or two percent but can not form a government and the Liberals formed the government,” Nano said adding, “Buckle up! It’s possible for the winners into losers and losers become winners in Canadian elections!”

Trudeau, Scheer, Singh and the rest of the field

Justin Trudeau could never have imagined this time last year that he would fight for the political future. He has been humiliated and diminished by scandals in recent months, they all unforced errors. In 2015, he managed to wake up ‘Trudeaumania’ which carries his late father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in power in the 1960s. But this time there is no mania, only melancholy – even among those at headquarters.
In an act of contrition embarrassing last month, Trudeau must apologize not only for wearing blackface during a school event nearly two decades ago but admits he does not know how many times he has chosen to do in his life. It was an embarrassing appearance for his campaign, which has focused on digging dirt opponent, and the revelation disappointed many voters and likely contributed to the Liberals lost ground in recent weeks.

However, it is not a central issue in this campaign that many expected. And as if to emphasize that point, the former US President Barack Obama broke with convention to tweet his support for Trudeau, wrote: “The world needs progressive leadership now, and I hope that our northern neighbors support him for another term”
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has tried and failed to capitalize on scandals and other criticism of Trudeau. campaign has been hard and consistently attacking Trudeau, but the negative pressure has not been involved voters how Scheer hopes. Also, have it made its policies more attractive – she fiscal and social conservative offers a no-nonsense, stable government with tax cuts and finally, a balanced budget. Crucially, voters in Quebec and Ontario, the two largest provinces in Canada, have not warmed much for him or his policies.
It did not help that Scheer has finally revealed during the campaign that he, in fact, an American citizen with dual citizenship in Canada and its southern neighbor. By law, dual citizenship does not disqualify you from running for prime minister in Canada, and Scheer said he was in the process deny American citizenship. However, for a man trying to convince voters they can not trust Trudeau, some are confused and wonder why they should believe Scheer after a long career as a politician in Canada, where he never spoke once of US citizenship.

Coming close behind the Conservatives and Liberals are progressive New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh. Some voters were disappointed with Trudeau has moved to Singh, who touts climate action and government-funded drug programs for all. A practicing Sikh, his colorful turban he has been sporting during the campaign has reminded Canada of hue to change their country. it would most likely sustain Trudeau in any attempt to form a minority government.

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