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Trust in Canada’s democracy, justice and media down post-election

It appears to trust in Canada's majority rule government is down multi-week after the administrative vote. A survey by Proof Inc. discovered that simply under...

Buckle up- Canada’s election will be a cliffhanger

Gross. It's not a lot of words related to Canada - except perhaps to winter here. But during this election campaign, nastiness has become...

Record-breaking number of Canadians voting at advance polls

Already there is a surge of voters turning out for advance polling stations across the country, according to new data from Elections Canada. More than...

Liberals still looking to fill candidacy vacancies before Monday deadline

Candidates have until 2 p.m. local time Monday to file nomination forms With the official time limit for the nomination of federal candidates only days...

Decision day in Alberta: Voters head to polls in provincial election

Voters are making a beeline for the polls in the Alberta decision today and advance turnouts suggest it could be busy at the ballot...