Already there is a surge of voters turning out for advance polling stations across the country, according to new data from Elections Canada.

More than 2 million Canadians cast their ballots in the first two days of open polls, an increase of 25-per-cent in the number of voters compared to the 2015 elections. Advance voting begins Friday.

Andrea Marantz with Elections Canada said the advance voting comfort appeals to most people.

“There’s always advance polls, but extended hours and more locations to make it more accessible to people, because we see this is something that Canada could want,” he said.

What’s open and closed in Montreal over Thanksgiving weekend

“Election Day, when it was only one day, we never know what the weather will be doing […] they may be far outside the city, and so they want to have the opportunity to ensure that their vote counts.”

Those results don’t even include voters at university campuses, local offices or those who cast their vote by special ballot.

Monday is the last day of advanced voting across the country. Polling stations are open until 9 pm.

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