The European Union will stop imports of Canadian cherries and other fresh fruits starting Sept. 1 as it implements new import requirements related to pests, according to a Canadian government document sent to industry on Thursday.

In the notice, which was seen by Reuters, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the limitations additionally apply to families of fruits that include apples, pears, cranberries, blueberries, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. It was not clear if other countries are affected.

“If you don’t mind note that the CFIA is working with industry to propose nuisance chance relief measures to the EU for these items, which may enable fares to continue,” said the notice.

The new European Union guidelines don’t make a difference to solidified and dried organic product. There ought to likewise be no issues with ocean holders that touch base in the EU with fare archives dated before Sept. 1, the office said.

The EU office in Ottawa and Canadian Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau did not quickly react to requests for input.

Canada’s agriculture sector already faces other trade disputes, including an ongoing spat with China over Canadian canola, pork, and beef.

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Beth Cavers, a program chairman with the B.C. Cherry Association, said the pending EU boycott ought not to influence the current year’s cherry collect, which wrapped up on Thursday, as the organic product is pressed and transported right away.

It could, nonetheless, have genuine ramifications for the 2020 collect if uncertain, she included.

“There were a few signs that they were evaluating this, however, we didn’t realize they were simply going to close down the outskirt to fruits this way,” Cavers said by phone when inquired as to whether the industry had gotten earlier take note.

In 2018, Canada shipped approximately C$3.1 million ($2.33 million) in cherries to the EU.

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