Consumption of walnuts may help suppress the development and survival of breast cancer, a study claims.

The study, published in the journal Nutrition Research, found that utilization of two ounces of walnuts daily for around about two weeks significantly changed gene expression in confirmed breast cancer.

“Consumption of walnuts has slowed breast cancer growth and reduced the danger of mammary cancer in mice,” said W Elaine Hardman, from Marshall University in the US.

“Expanding on this research, our team hypothesized that walnut consumption would modify quality articulation in pathologically-confirmed breast cancers of women toward a path that would diminish bosom disease development and survival,” Hardman said in a statement.

In this first clinical trial, women with breast lump large huge for research and pathology biopsies were selected and randomized to walnut consuming or control gatherings.

Quickly following biopsy collection, ladies in the walnut amass started to expend two ounces of walnuts for each day until follow-up surgery.

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Pathological studies affirmed that knots were breast cancer in all women who remained in the trial.

At medical procedure, around about fourteen days after the biopsy, extra examples were taken from the bosom breast cancers.

Changes in gene expression in the careful example contrasted with the pattern were resolved in every individual lady in walnut-consuming and control groups.

RNA sequencing articulation profiling uncovered that declaration of 456 distinguished qualities was essentially changed in the tumor because of walnut utilization.

The examination demonstrated actuation of pathways that advance apoptosis or customized cell demise and cell grip and restraint of pathways that advance cell proliferation and migration.

“These results support the hypothesis that, in people, walnut consumption could suppress growth and survival of breast cancers,” Hardman said.

“Additional research through a larger-scale study would be needed to clinically confirm that walnut consumption actually does reduce the risk of breast cancer or breast cancer recurrence,” said Hardman.

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