Trudeau had body armor under his shirt and jacket, photos from the event showed when he appeared an hour and a half late at the 2,000-strong meeting in a suburb of the capital Toronto on Saturday.

MONTREAL: Canadian leader Justin Trudeau wearing bulletproof vests and surrounded by heavy security during an election campaign rally after receiving a security threat, sources told the national broadcaster.
Trudeau had body armor under his shirt and vest, the photos from the event showed, when he showed up half an hour late at the 2,000-strong gathering on the outskirts of Toronto, Saturday.

She does not usually wear a Vest while campaigning.

Conservative Party agenda to put more money in Canadian’s pocket

As Trudeau left the stage to greet supporters he was surrounded by security officers, some with a large backpack on, records show.

They attend because of “security threat”, the national broadcaster CBC news Trudeau quoting party sources said.

The prime minister’s campaign team declined to comment, said outlet.

His wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, is expected on stage to introduce him but did not show up, said local media.

During the election campaign the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is keeping a daily record online hate messages aimed at political leaders, fearing possible violence, the BramptonNews reported.

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