Canadians are eager to vote on Election Day. As the day is near to everyone, the political party trying to attract voters by sharing their views on the current scenario and announcing new things in front of the public to gain more trust.

Opposition parties are also not lacking to show limitations in current Govt. working flow. Similarly, there is something that the Conservative Party mentioned about Trudeau Govt. is not in favor of Middle Class, current Govt. has been raised tax in different terms :

  • Canceling Education Tax Credit.
  • Canceling Family Tax Cut.
  • Canceling Textbook Tax Credit.
  • Canceling Public Transit Tax Credit.

How the Tories aim to balance the budget in five years: Scheer calls platform a ‘responsible plan’

Along with that Conservative party thinks if Justin Trudeau will re-elected then there may be results into:

  • Increase Natural Gas Price.
  • Implement Tax on sale of your home.
  • Reintroduce tax hikes on Canadian small business

In response to this, The Conservative party and Andrew Scheer showed a party agenda that is trusted and can help Canadian’s put more money in a pocket by doing the following:

  • Introduce the Green Public Transit Tax Credit
  • Introduce the Universal Tax Cut
  • Make maternity benefits tax-free
  • Introduce the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit
  • Introduce the Green Home Renovation Tax Credit

There are more things that the party thinks to benefit lowest-income Canadians and helping parents get more for their kid’s education.

Party also ready for real leadership at borders by renews confidence in the Canadian immigration system.

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