An Air Canada flight attendants have been tested positive for coronavirus in Hawaii and is the first of the current 16 patients COVID-19 countries, according to local media.

“As a general rule, for privacy reasons, we can not comment on our employees,” said the media relations department of Air Canada in an email to the Star.

But Maui Now reported fight female officer arrived on Maui on March 8, developed symptoms on March 9, and self-isolated at the Royal Lahaina Resort until his tests came back positive. He was then placed in isolation.

The paper said the Air Canada has made arrangements to fly home.

“We believe that the risks to any passengers on the earlier flight are low,” said Governor David Ige at a press conference on March 15.

“We also understand that this individual is exposed COVID confirmed 19 cases in Germany on March 4th,” said Maui Mayor Michael Victorino.

US-Canada border to close amid virus crisis

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, two passengers on Air Transat Flight TS233 from Faro, Portugal to Toronto were taken to hospital after showing signs consistent with the coronavirus. “They were taken to a local hospital. I do not know if it was confirmed in the hospital. We treat it as a precaution, “said Peel Police Cst. Sarah Patten.

While WestJet is online posting public notice of the passengers on the plane they were later tested positive for the virus sometimes-deadly, Air Canada does. So there is no way for the public to know where the clerk infected flight that works, or activities coronavirus even what other airlines might have.

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