Consumer electronics is a lucrative field to jump in. Even though having huge obstacles to managing general society, yet those endeavors give little rewards toward the end. Any organization surfing in that industry needs to run with some advancement or a brand an incentive to survive. Xiaomi has them two.

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2:

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2

Today, it brought back an Antique Radio and developed a Smart Curtain Motor.

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It’s the second one in the Elvis Presley series, though the first is the Bluetooth speaker propelled a year back.

This is a smart one packed into a retro-model to feel it’s from the 1970s.

It’s a chrome-covered body with moon shake white color and has manual controls to set tune and handles for volume setting. They state the audio output was extraordinary however haven’t gone into open yet.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot uncovered about this classic piece except the cost. It bears a ¥499 ($73) tag.

The next one is a curtain-controller!

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Silent Curtain Motor:

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Silent Curtain Motor


Appears to be fun given Xiaomi not leaving any small detail of the smart home.

This new blind controller can work naturally (when set) or by an application or XiaoAI.

Clients need to introduce it first and afterward interface it to the Mi home application. Through which they can open-close the windows or set planning which it can naturally do as such. This gadget even has sensors in it to perceive an individual’s drawing nearer and open themselves and close when he’s no more.

This one is by all accounts the second form of this innovation, while the primary result of such has just come in 2017 ending. Which has each feature the equivalent however the more up to date one has worked in battery bolster?

Gizmochina says the device uses ZigBee communication protocol which is coordinated by Aqaba air pathway or Mi voice assistant to work.

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It is priced at ¥549 and now available in China.

By this gadget, my perception of “Technology turning us lazy” strengthens further. What’s yours? Tell us below.

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