The officer didn’t recognize her, which seemed to set her off.
WWE superstar Lacey Evans apparently angry Edmonton Canada after police ticketed him for speeding on the highway. He calls all over the country after his unlucky incident in the traffic stop. “Canada is terrible,” he said in a video on his Twitter, which shows him getting pulled over by an officer and received a ticket on 21 September.

Evans in character the entire time he was pulled over, according to Wrestling Inc. He played the character of sassy Southern belle, with the slogan “Yes Nasty,” which he used in the officer seemed amused smile.

“That’s not a quote, is not it?” he asked the clerk when he walked to his car window. “No, it’s a violation ticket for speeding,” he said. “Do you know who I am?” Evans appeared to challenge the officer. “I do not know,” he replied.

“Well, I Lacey Evans and I do not judge the ticket.”

“Who Lacey Evans?” The clerk seemed really confused but smiling.

“WWE Superstar, and you should know who I am!”

“Sorry Mom, I do not. Anyways, this is the ticket.”

“You must be kidding me. You evil, I will pay the ticket,” he said before grabbing it from her hand. She then told him, “I hope that terrible day. Canada is terrible.”

“Welcome to Edmonton,” he replied, before walking off. the video has been viewed more than 300,000 times now.

This exchange pretty out there, and Lacey Evans is quite the entertainer. Even the officer pulled on it seems to get a kick out of it. The clerk was nice enough to him, how true Canadian. stop police in Canada are not so bad, apparently. They still can get busy from time to time, but this one was pretty tame.

Evans ‘anti-Canadian’ sentiments were at full strength on Twitter this weekend, even before the incident he was in Edmonton traffic stop.

CTV Edmonton reports that it was a legitimate traffic stop and that the video was not staged. They spoke with RCMP, who confirmed this. However, they would not comment further on the matter.

Unsurprisingly, Canadians were not happy with what Evans had to say in the video.

Evans was in Edmonton for the WWE Live! show at Rogers Place on September 21. There will be a WWE NXT event in B.C. next month.

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