Let’s face it: buying and selling online these days is the norm, not the exception.

With the advent of buying and selling online websites, for example, Craigslist or Kijiji, numerous people are taking that course these days with it comes to obtaining cheaper consumer products.

Years ago, I purchased something online and needed to meet the dealer at a Tim Hortons at the west end of Mississauga to finish the sale. I was lucky that it was during the day and plenty of people around.

But for many others, for some others, numerous potential wellbeing issues are encompassing the buying and selling of goods listed online. To be reasonable, most transactions are arranged and made without an episode. It is all things considered, generally uncommon to hear a meetup turning out wrong.

All things considered, there have been instances in which deals arranged online have turned out badly, which is the reason Peel Regional Police have endeavored to mitigate the risk by having Buy and Sell Exchange Zones.

“Use our stamped parking spaces when you buy or sell something to somebody you met online. Many people are getting to be casualties of thefts, robberies, and fraud targeted by people they meet online. These parking spots intend to increase public safety and reduce crime by giving people a safer place to meet when making transactions with strangers,” the police reminds the public in this post.

As indicated in the video, the Buy and Sell Exchange Zone is active 24/7, every day, there is a dedicated camera on the site and the place is well bright consistently. The officer likewise recommends that refusal to meet at this zone could be a warning because why would anyone not be comfortable using the zone?

In Peel Region, the Buying and Selling Online Exchange Zones in three spots:


  • 11 Division – 3030 Erin Mills Pkwy., Mississauga
  • 12 Division – 4600 Dixie Road, Mississauga.


  • 22 Division – 7750 Hurontario Street, Brampton.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Always meet the buyer or seller in a public place, preferably a busy one such as a shopping mall if you’re not achieving at a Buy and Sell Exchange Zone.
  • Do not agree to meet up at your home or a remote location.
  • Bring a friend with you.
  • Be additional careful when selling a small device, for example, a cell phone. It’s easier for thieves to grab small objects and run away with them.
  • If you’re buying, bring only the cash you need to make the purchase

Safe buying and selling online everyone!

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