With the authorization of cannabis happening crosswise over Canada, many individuals made a headed for their closest legal retailer or requested from an online store. Be that as it may, contingent upon where you live decides everything from what is available for buy to how much a gram of cannabis will return you.

So how do costs stack up across the country? Look at our handy guide for perceiving how prices analyze between the provinces and territories.

Please note that the prices here reflect the prices for products available online at the time of writing.

  • Prices for 1 gram of cannabis begin at $9.24 and run all the way up to $15.42. Prices for 3.5 grams start at $29.99.
  • Customers can expect to pay $6.64 for an individual pre-roll, or $13 for a two pack.
  • The flat rate for shipping is $9.95.
British Columbia
  • One gram costs between $6.99 and 13.99. Prices for 3.5 grams start around $24.99.
  • Pre-rolls run from $4.20 to $15.99 for more expensive brands.
  • For online orders, the BC Cannabis Stores website charges a flat fee of $10 to ship, regardless of the size of an order.
  • Licensed private retailers are allowed to sell product through their online sites.
  • At the time of writing, only Delta 9 had product available on their website. Most products were sold out, but the average selling price for 1 gram of cannabis was $12.
New Brunswick
  • On the Cannabis NB site, a gram starts at $8.99 and can cost as much as $11.50. For 3.5 grams of cannabis, prices range from $29.99 to $39.99.
  • Pre-rolled joints are only available in one option, which costs $7.50.
  • Shipping is a flat $7 rate for any order.
  • CannabisNL offers a gram from $6.89 and as high as $12.99. The cheaper options for 3.5 grams will cost about $22.49.
  • Pre-rolled marijuana starts at $4.79 and costs $5.99 on the high end.
  • Shipping is a $10 flat fee, but orders above $99 qualify for free delivery.

Nova Scotia

  • Cannabis is only available through the NSLC in Nova Scotia, and prices start at $6.33 for a gram, with premium cannabis starting at $10.99.
  • Online buyers need first to visit a nearby NSLC location to prove they’re of the legal age, before being given a code to access the online store.

Northwest Territories

  • The only 1 gram options available on the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission website are $17.50, with $13.13 options coming soon.
  • Prices for 3.5 grams will run between $42.72 and $52.87.

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Tweed is the only authorized agent, and at the time of writing did not have any products available online.


  • On the Ontario Cannabis store site, the cheapest option for 1 gram is $7.50, with specialty brands going as high as $17.25.
  • Pre-rolled option starts at $10.35 for a single, with packs of three and five running from $18.50 to $30.85, respectively.
  • Shipping is a $5 flat fee.

Prince Edward Island

  • The PEI Cannabis Corp site has a gram available from $7.83 to $13.03, with 3.5 grams starting at $25.87.
  • Pre-rolled options start at $5.65, with more elaborate options running from $10.65 to $11.52.
  • The site offers to ship across P.E.I. for a $7.00 flat rate.


  • A gram starts at $5.25 and can run as much as $11.30 for a higher end product, with 3.5 grams starting at a surprisingly low $18.50.
  • Pre-rolled cannabis is only available in packs of two, starting at $10.60.
  • Shipping is a $5 flat fee.
  • Lower prices may be available at private retailers.


  • Pot sales in Saskatchewan got off to a rocky start, with only seven permits issued to retailers. Of these, none are selling online yet, and supply issues have kept some of those locations from opening at all.
  • At Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop, a gram costs $13, with 3.5 grams ranging between $28 and $42.
  • On the CannabisYukon online store, a gram starts at $10.09 and can cost as much as $19.75.
  • Pre-rolled selections start at $15.94 for a pack of two.
Price variation by province

While price differences across the areas are in part a result of different companies supplying different products, there are also differences seen for the same product.

For example, Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics ranges in price from $9.99 a gram in British Columbia to $15.50 in New Brunswick.

Fifteen grams of the same product range from $143.99 in B.C. to $179.70 in Ontario to $196.99 in N.B…

Unfortunately for shoppers, they’ll have to bear the price differences or take a road trip, as online sellers will only ship to the province they’re licensed to supply.

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