The two biggest English-speaking economies ranked 23rd and thirteenth, individually, in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ yearly ranking of the representation and welfare of women’s in the workplace crosswise over 33 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations.

The US and UK have a ton of getting up to speed to do when income to treating women’s in work well.

Iceland, Sweden, and New Zealand took the first three spots, and Nordic countries held five of the best 10. While the UK lags just Canada among the Group of Seven countries, its female interest rate of 57 percent still essentially lags Sweden’s 69 percent, according to the report published Tuesday in London.

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The rewards are extraordinary for getting more ladies into work – the UK economy could get a $178 billion boost by raising female work to match levels seen in Sweden. Increasing female employment across all OECD nations could lift gross domestic product by over $6 trillion, PwC said.

China and India were excluded in the investigation as non-OECD countries. China would rank 27th, only in front of Japan, while India would rank at the bottom, behind Korea, because of low levels of women’s participation.

The US has fallen 14 places since 2000, when the PwC survey started, as full-time women’s work declined, as per PwC.

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England’s sexual orientation pay gap remains key delay progress, particularly in London, where it has “scarcely moved” since 2010, the report said. New guidelines presented a year ago require all businesses with in excess of 250 staff to openly report the distinction in normal pay and reward between their male and female specialists on a yearly premise.

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