Indian professionals are already given a majority of work visas issued: 52 percent of all visas issued in 2018.
The Boris Johnson government on Monday included web designers, architects, and veterinarians on a list of professions that face shortages in the UK and which involve visa norms that are easier to allow employers to recruit the talent they need.

Three professions have been included in the ‘shortage job list’. It is easier to get a Tier 2 visa for the profession/role mentioned in the list because employers do not need to complete a population labor market test and are also freed from the minimum salary threshold.

The Home Office said the change meant that employers could advertise job vacancies for jobs that included all countries, making it easier for them to access the international talent they needed. Indian professionals have been given the majority of work visas issued: 52 percent of all visas issued in 2018.

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Immigration Minister Seema Kennedy said: “Giving UK-based businesses access to the smartest and best global talent is a top priority for this government. That is why we have made it easier for employers to hire skilled workers, such as veterinarians and web designers that this country needs to develop”.

The Home Office has also streamlined English testing to ensure that doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives who have passed an English test received by the relevant professional body, do not need to take another test before entering England on Tier 2. Visas.

The change will ensure that hospitals and medical practices throughout the UK will be able to access the staff they need more quickly, the Home Office said.

The British government is moving to a new skills-based visa system that will be introduced after leaving the European Union when EU citizens will not be able to move, live and work in the UK. They will be subject to similar visa norms that apply to Indian and other non-EU citizens.

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