Do you regularly use Uber to get from point A to point B and to get delicious restaurant food from the resto kitchen to your cozy and happily housebound tummy?

If you answered yes, you might be happy to hear that Uber may be going to launch another essential service that is likewise food-related.

Judging on this ongoing job posting on LinkedIn, Uber may be ready to get into the grocery delivery game.

As per the posting, the company is searching for the ideal possibility for its Head of Grocery Product position.

What does the role involve?

“Uber Eats is searching for a Head of Grocery Product. This job will characterize, construct the organization and all around scale a brand new item offering which will fundamentally evolve how people purchase their groceries,” the company wrote in the job posting.

The move towards grocery delivery isn’t especially surprising when you consider the way that both Walmart and Costco are offering forth home delivery services to clients.

Uber has not yet formally reported plans to present a grocery conveyance program, so no launch date is available as of now.

But where there is smoke, there’s a tasty (and convenient) fire.

Would you like Uber to deliver your groceries in Brampton?

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