Nachos are always the one appetizer on the menu that makes the most sense. Not only are they easy to share (you don’t have to worry about dividing it technically), they also taste great. Whether you need something to accompany the beers you’re having, or you’re just straight up hungry, here are a few places to keep on your radar for best nachos:

5) Onyxx Sports Bar and Grill

This new up sports and coming sports bar knows how to deliver on best nachos. When you drive through the labyrinth of plazas on Airport and Queen, you’ll discover Onyxx, which just opened up inside the most recent year and is rapidly becoming well known. What I enjoyed about their nachos typical was that they were superbly regular (and perfectly great). Chopped tomatoes, peppers, olives, jalapenos; it was the works, and it was well made. Not all restaurants can convey on the fine-tuning of nachos, yet by the look and taste of it, they put in their work. They likewise get extra points for having softened shredded cheddar but also had some queso on top—extra cheesy, and that’s never a bad thing.


4) Keenan’s Irish Pub

In case you’re at Keenan’s, and you don’t generally realize what to order to accompany with your beverages, simply think about their spot on this list. You will get the nachos, and every one of you will love them. You’re welcome. Situated at Queen and Major William Sharpe, Keenan’s delivers on a quality nacho eating background that is accompanied by a super meaty serving and an essential requirement for extra napkins. It comes with all the fixings that you might need and doesn’t neglect your cutlery because you’re going to need it to scoop up those remaining toppings. And I promise that you won’t want to leave anything behind.


3) Tracks Brewpub

This adorable little spot discovered ideal on Queen and Chapel Street is sure to abandon you needing to come back for a more of everything, but mainly those best nachos. The smile that I left tracks with was due mostly in part to the bomb chili that comes as a side to their nachos. It was a nice, personable touch that really separated it from its other nacho rivals since relatively few spots incorporate a side of chili, and it worked to their advantage. Regardless of whether you need to order your nachos with a group of friends and watch the live band or with a date beside the fireplace, you cannot go wrong with choosing Tracks for your next nacho going experience.


2) The Frigate

You know when you get a plate of nachos to a part between two or three friends, and there’s a short supply of good nachos? You realize the ones that have cheese, and something different joined to them? If you opt for the Frigate the next time you go out with some friends, fear not a lack of loaded nachos. These best nachos will leave you unfastening that top catch of your jeans and swearing you won’t eat for whatever is left of the night. The server prescribed their spicy beef accompanies the nachos and I am past happy I took her up on that offer. Their spicy beef choice added an extra dimension to the nachos and took it to the following dimension, landing them as the number two spot on this rundown. You can find The Frigate on Queen between the 410 and Rutherford, and I recommend taking the time to check them out.

frigate best nachos

1) Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Bar

If you haven’t officially checked out Wendel Clark’s, I would like to know what you’re waiting for. When you do go, please don’t forget to order their nachos to start. You can find Wendel Clark’s tucked away on Main just off of Queen, smack amidst downtown Brampton. I found their nachos the most pleasant for some reasons. When I had verbally stated that I couldn’t continue to eat the nachos as a result of how full I had become, I still found myself picking away because not a single bite felt like it was without a copious amount of flavor. It would be a total waste not consistently to enjoy. Another reason Wendel Clark’s is claiming the main spot here is the way that there wasn’t a need or over-burden of toppings; it was the perfect amount. What sold me on this place was that you don’t even need to worry about adding a protein to your nachos to make them amazing, in fact, the server also told us it wasn’t all that necessary since the best nachos taste amazing with or without and boy, was she spot on.


Top 5 Places to Get Best Nachos in Brampton

  1. Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Bar
  2. The Frigate & Firkin
  3. Tracks Brew Pub
  4. Keenan’s Irish Pub
  5. Onyxx Sports Bar and Grill

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