Missing a little crunch in your life? It happens to us all, however, it’s not something an all-around battered onion ring can’t help with. Without a doubt, pretty much consistently eatery makes onion rings, however, the oily and crunchy ones that really satisfy your craving are most likely in the diners, truck stops, and breakfast restaurants across this city

Here are a few contenders for best onion rings in Brampton:

5) Exalta

Located at the corner of Queen and Kennedy, this genuinely new breakfast resto has a couple of perfect neat surprises for the city. Open 7 am to 4 pm, 7 days a week, Exalta gives a substantial variety of breakfast choices, many of which help bring in large crowds over the weekend. While they have eggs of every kind, they also serve a few different sandwiches, wraps, and entrees. They also have an LLBO for those seeking a slightly stiffer beverage. Their onion rings are crispy and a bit thinner than most, but do help satisfy a craving. A slight note, they are also a little less salty than most, but I know a few who prefer that.


4) Stacy Lee’s Family Restaurant

Keep in mind when I mentioned family style diners? Well, this is one of them! This well-known resto is simply behind a Husky gas store in a plaza off Queen and McLaughlin. Known for their all-day breakfasts, this family eatery has alternatives for the entire family, young and old! While they might be little, they do have charming service with a smile, and some really great onion rings as well. Salted perfectly, and fried to a satisfying crunch, these make a great accompaniment to any meal but can do just as well on their own.

Stacey Lee's

3) Jake’s Boathouse

This bar and restaurant isn’t the least easy spot to discover, but it sure is a gem. Situated on First Gulf Blvd, just across from Orion’s Gate Movie Theater, it truly gives you a boathouse feel. The menu offers a decent selection of choices and the service there is incredible! Their onion rings were quite a surprise. A thicker cut onion ring, they were adequately salted and very crispy. Try them with their delicious aioli!

Jake's Boathouse

2) Poutine Dare to Be Fresh

Poutines are oily, sleek, salty and cheesy. It’s somewhat of an ask why we adore them so much, however, they’re a true Canadian great! While poutines more often than not have fries, Poutine Dare to Be Fresh (located in downtown Brampton) have no issues substituting those for onion rings. Their Dead Ringer is an onion ring poutine with onion rings (surprise surprise), delicious warm gravy, and cheese curds! The combination didn’t exactly energize my taste buds at first, but the novelty of it all wore on me with each passing bite. They also sell plain onion rings if this all sounds like a bit much, but you have to appreciate a little change to the status quo!

Poutine Dare to Be Fresh

1) Sonny’s Drive-In

Not to be confused for a drive-in movie, Sonny’s is an iconic restaurant located on Kennedy only north of Queen Street. With picnic tables out front, they are known for their charbroiled burgers, fries…and o better believe it, their onion rings!! These onion rings are truly legendary and well known across the city. Thick, crispy, well salted, and borderline addictive! I know I wasn’t able to cover all the onion ring options in the city, but I’ll be quite shocked if Sonny’s onion rings aren’t in your own top 3.

Sonny's onion rings

Top 5 Onion Rings in Brampton

  1. Sonny’s Drive-In
  2. Poutine Dare To Be Fresh
  3. Jake’s Boathouse
  4. Stacy Lee’s Family Restaurant
  5. Exalta Restaurant

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