It is no shocker that dating someone costs a little bit of money (or a lot of money depending on how fancy you are). Common activities and ideologies associated with dating and relationships, such as going to movies, dinners, and buying gifts, can start to add up after a while. A recent EliteSingles study revealed just how much Canada date night costs.

According to the survey, an average Canada date night costs a whopping $125, however, this number is significantly lower than some other Canadian cities.

However, some cities in the country are pricier than others. A date will cost you $142 in Toronto, $130 in Calgary and $120 in Hamilton.

If you’re looking to save a little money, then Winnipeg may be your best option when it comes to dating. An average date night in Winnipeg only costs about $116. Other cities on the more affordable end of the spectrum include Halifax ($117), Edmonton ($118), and Quebec City, Ottawa and Montreal all came in at $119.

According to the study, the cost of a date in the 10 major Canadian cities are as follows:

1. Vancouver, BC: $149
2. Toronto, ON: $142
3. Calgary, AB: $130
4. Hamilton, ON: $120
5. Montreal, QC: $119
6. Ottawa, ON: $119
7. Quebec City, QC: $119
8. Edmonton, AB: $118
9. Halifax, NS: $117
10. Winnipeg, MB: $116

In addition to looking at the cost of love in Canada, the EliteSingles study examined the average cost for a date night in top 25 major cities around the world.

The study revealed that the average global cost of a date is $120.

Cost of a date in the 25 major global cities are as follows (note: these prices are in Canadian dollars):

Oslo, Norway: $221
2. London, UK: $209
3. New York, USA: $187
4. Stockholm, Sweden: $160
5. Tokyo, Japan: $159
6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: $151
7. Paris, France: $148
8. Sydney, Australia: $147
9. Toronto, Canada: $142
10. Auckland, New Zealand: $137
11. Hong Kong: $135
12. Berlin, Germany: $131
13. Seoul, South Korea: $113
14. Singapore: $111
15. Barcelona, Spain: $111
16. Nairobi, Kenya: $96
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: $91
18. Taipei, Taiwan (ROC): $89
19. Shanghai, China (PRC): $87
20. Moscow, Russia: $79
21. Cape Town, South Africa: $72
22. Bogota, Columbia: $68
23. Mexico City, Mexico: $59
24. Mumbai, India: $46
25. Istanbul, Turkey: $40

View the full EliteSingles study here.

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