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Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan hold draws for Provincial Immigration

Four provinces invite candidates in the most recent round of PNP draws. Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia have issued invitations to apply to candidates...

Chief says Healing Needed after Saskatchewan Stabbing Deaths and Four-day Manhunt

JAMES SMITH CREE NATION – The chief of a Saskatchewan First Nation torn by a horrific series of stabbings has called for an end...

Saskatchewan PNP invites 621 candidates with tech work experience

Saskatchewan has just held its largest PNP draw since February, targeting candidates in three tech occupations On September 15, Saskatchewan invited a total of 621...

Which province in Canada is easiest to immigrate to?

ANALYSIS: Each of the provinces participating in the PNP has its own unique streams designed specifically to meet their market labor needs and to...

As the coronavirus hits grim global milestones, Canada’s new cases, deaths...

Like the case of the new coronavirus surged past 10 million worldwide, with 500,000 deaths, Canada reported six fatalities on Sunday and more than...