Last week, we reported on a series of incidents in which women were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers whom they got a ride from…or rather whom they thought they were supposed to get a ride from.

In these instances, the Uber driver was not assigned out to the women when they stopped to lift them. Some were driven past their destination and sexually assaulted, while other battled of their attackers and fled.

While these incidents are upsetting, Peel Regional Police have said these circumstances could be avoided if users make certain strides with the end goal to secure themselves on the off chance that they’re getting a ride through Uber or another rider sharing app.

“Rideshare has quickly become into the go-to type of transportation. With no trade of cash, you can hop in and away you go. This is the place we have to back things off; getting into the main vehicle that stops when you’re holding up outside could spell disaster, placing yourself into an unsafe circumstance,” the police say.

Here are a few tips the police offer with the end goal to protect yourself in Uber ride:

Before entering the vehicle:

Share your travel details with a friend or family member.

Know and confirm your driver’s name and car details by checking the license plate number and car type.

Ask the driver who the vehicle is for and where it is going. Try not to start with “is this vehicle for… ?”

When you’re inside the vehicle:

Select to sit in the back seat, specifically, right behind the driver, so it makes it harder for them to point a weapon at you.

Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and track your route.

Keep your data private.

Lastly, if you have not ordered a Rideshare, DO NOT accept rides from drivers claiming to be a part of the program.

While these tips are good reminders of what you can do to keep yourself safe, do not hesitate to call 911 should you feel threatened.

For more ride sharing safety tips, watch this video:

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