In a city like Brampton, with all the development plans that have happened and set up neighborhoods having been around for a considerable length of time, one may think about how to ensure these communities become sustainable for future generations.

Sustainable communities group will turn out to be more imperative later on as the issue of flood mitigation becomes more serious as storms turned out to be more successive, leading to increased flooding in residential properties.

Related to the City of Brampton and the Region of Peel, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority is working with local residents and businesses to build up a Sustainable Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) for the city’s Fletchers Creek neighborhood.

Here is a map of the study area, which runs along McLaughlin Road from Queen Street to Williams Parkway:

As indicated by the CVC, the Fletcher’s Creek SNAP will expand on Brampton’s “Develop Green” activities and help the area turned out to be all the more naturally economical and strong to the effects of environmental change by finding successful approaches to:

  • Help local residents and organizations diminish the environmental impacts of their daily activities.

  • Encourage neighbors to find out about the environment, appreciate nature, and become stewards of the land.

  • Upgrade the natural environment and the urban forest.

  • Oversee stormwater and reduce pollution to ensure Fletchers Creek.

The SNAP was launched back in 2016 become and one meeting and tree planting events held last year. Here’s a picture of the study area map with residents suggestions on post-it notes

development plans
There were also promotions for Brampton’s Grow Green Environmental Development Plans:
Brampton development plans

Residents came out in droves to offer their suggestions and questions:

The next public open house event on the Fletcher’s Creek SNAP is on November 21 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Chris Gibson Recreation Centre Auditorium at 125 McLaughlin Road North.

Residents can review the draft Action Plan and concept projects for Fletchers Creek neighborhood and to also provide feedback on the plan and its potential to improve the neighborhood and experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide information.

For more on the Fletcher’s Creek SNAP, click here.

Photos courtesy of Credit Valley Conservation


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