A social media video showing a woman being assaulted in Brampton has that city’s mayor saying such “scum” should be locked up.

The disturbing video posted Monday shows a woman being repeatedly kicked while seated in the middle of a residential street.

“It’s crazy,” said an angry Mayor Patrick Brown. “It’s appalling to see such disregard and respect for others. Scum like this should be behind bars.”

Peel Regional Police said the assault occurred Saturday morning.

“Police responded to (an incident) and one charge of assault was laid,” said Const. Danny Marttini, who added police were alerted by a 911 call on Saturday and not a posted video.

The woman, fortunately, did not suffer major physical trauma.

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A man, 37, was charged with assault and appeared in court Sunday. Details are unknown since the police are not releasing his name. The allegations have not yet been tested in court. He is innocent until proven guilty.

“The video will be used as evidence in the ongoing court matter,” said Peel Police. “We understand the acts displayed in the video have raised the ire of the community, but to maintain the integrity of court proceedings and to protect the victim from being re-victimized” they requested people stop sharing it.

Added Peel Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah: “Video surveillance and social media are powerful tools that allow for the sharing of information and assist in investigations. However, sharing sensitive and graphic content can cause more harm to the victim and jeopardize court proceedings.”

The Sun has blurred the faces of the victim and accused while also maintaining regular news coverage standards that meet the public’s interest.

That this was news is why community organizer Binder Singh said he shared it on Facebook.

Singh said he did not shoot the footage but was asked to post it by a member of the Brampton community.

“It’s pathetic,” he said of the attack, adding making it public was meant to ensure police were aware of it.

Singh said he was notified by Facebook on Monday his page would be shut down if he didn’t remove the video, but he “appealed it” and “they agreed it was important it remains.”

“I am not taking it down,” he said. “It’s about saving a woman’s life.”

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Brown pointed out that Monday was “the International Day to End Violence Against Women” and “our role is to be mindful that our actions matter and that we must change the narrative and advocate against gender-based violence.”

“This is yet another reminder of the work we have to do to combat this scourge within society,” he added.

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