The US is now at the peak of the chaos in Trumpometer, which measures the American state of mind, not Trump. “Trump depression,” “dark journey into evil and debate” Salon surveyed “Trump Wacky, Angry, and August Extreme” with tips on fighting The New Yorker described New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote: “We’ve been trying to figure out for three years if he is insane aberration … or rewiring the game in some permanent way. ”

Observers will note these concerns appear largely in the reporter and / or liberal who feel they no longer receive the respect they deserve. This equanimity achieved their maximum disruption, through, for example, labeled false news. There are many people in American inner cities or damaged, countries that previously the industry, or outside the U.S.- in Gaza, or Honduras – born into and would die in some horrible but normalized frenzy. So Trump’s depression implies a certain insular smugness – although I am very sympathetic to American friends who have not slept through the night since 2016.

Canada election: Party leaders clash in first French election debate

Some of Canada joined, such as Globe Lawrence Martin: “There is cancer in this president to be expelled.” But most of us do not, and not just because of our lack of Trump. (We have wannabes, like Doug Ford, who recently visited the US and declared himself a Republican in customs.) This is because, despite the similarity of cheating, we are not them, something that is always useful to remember. This election continues to provide reminders, such as:

  • Guns. Last week was gun week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed guns daily. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said guns aren’t the problem, gangs are. This is unlike the debate in the U.S. Gun “rights” there aren’t about hunting or even the right to resist oppressive governments. They go back to their revolution and fears that a huge slave population might seize guns to free themselves, after the U.S. Constitution failed to.

So the possession of weapons is forbidden for Blacks, even after they fought in the civil war. At least that’s the argument Jonathan Metzl in his fine book, “Dying of Whiteness.” This is why the “gun rights” belong only to them pressing Indigenous peoples. Plot lines western Hollywood, I grew up in, made that clear: These white men are always bad selling illegal weapons to “Indians.” It never occurred to any of us to ask why Indians do not have the right to the second amendment, also , This was echoed in a shooting incident Black Lives Matter.
There are instructions from here. In one doc CBC, Ontario gun owners say people like him “more closely examined from Syrian refugees Trudeau’s mark,” as Canada need a weapon to combat terrorist immigrate. It was disconcerting but not anywhere near the depth of anxiety in the US race

  • Affordability. Drill down minimally and you’ll find the affordability issue is about cutting taxes so “you” can decide how to spend “your money” instead of handing it to government. That has an appeal here but far more so there. Why? Metzl, a psychiatrist and great listener, quotes someone who wants to repeal Obamacare even though it will leave him medically vulnerable. He says, “To be honest I can’t even think about it [Obamacare] right now, I’m so concentrated on the illegals.” That’s nearly incomprehensible to Canadians.

What that means is, if racially “others,” such as refugees, up to the status through programs such as public health care, using its tax, it will spoil the taste of white superiority of his giving: it is what W.E.B. DuBois called the “psychological benefit to white.” This, said Metzl, “white turns into dangerous statistical categories.” You endanger your physical presence for the sake of your tenuous, based on race, identity.

Ontario education workers reach deal with province, averting Monday school strike

This issue emerged this week as the Liberals are planning to run a deficit. (So ​​the Tories, but they were really sad about it.) In my view, this is a false fear built on abstract numbers. But take this Metzl insight, the risk is not that the government would go into debt by running a deficit, it is that they will be used to create programs that break down inequality and dents themselves from a particular demographic. Such existential fears certainly lurking here but it is abundant in the US

Some of this may sound unreal, and some are quite familiar. That’s the unique effects of living so close and feel so far from reality gobsmacking them.

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