It’s the most brilliant time of the year again, especially in Canada.

If you have a feeling that you have somewhat more Christmas soul than the normal individual, you are not the only one.

A Taxi2Airport report revealed that Canada is the most Christmassy country in the world.

The Taxi2Airport Global Festive Ranking controlled this positioning.

The positioning revealed the 25 most Christmassy nations in the world dependent on various classifications of festive information including Christmas travel acknowledgment, the chance of snow, Christmas search interest, Christian population, and Christmas music.

As indicated by the report, Canada earned its positioning for the most part dependent on the measure of Christmas music the population listens to. Canada likewise had a high ranking when it came to Christmas search interest and Christian population. The report revealed that 67.3 percent of the population claims to be Christian.

The following graphic shows the 25 most Christmassy countries in the world. The graphic indicates how high every country positioned when looking at the individual categories that were taken into consideration for this report.

Christmassy country

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