Since July 2019, Quebec has invited 2,085 candidates through Arrima.

Quebec immigration ministry has issued 23 regulations in the latest selection round for candidates who have submitted applications under the Regular Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The Immigration Department, Francization, and Integration (MiFi) held a lottery through its Arrima portal on January 16, 2020.

Candidates are selected on the latest round of invitations was among a cohort of 16,000 pending applications were canceled in Quebec immigration reform in June 2019, also known as Bill 9.

The previous statement by the Government of Quebec states that the invitation to the candidate prioritized round is to take place until January 16, 2020, which means that this is probably the last round invitation for those who have been affected by Bill 9.

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In order to be invited, candidates are required to submit an expression of interest with the MiFi before December 17, 2019. They are also required to be either temporary residents of Quebec when they are applied

or holding a permit for work or study in the province at the time.

In order to immigrate to Quebec Skilled Worker Program under the Regular, the first candidates must submit a Statement of Interest (EOI) through Arrima. MiFi then the bank will review the profile and issue invitations to those who meet specific criteria based on the needs of the labor market of Quebec.

What Arrima?
In 2018, he was introduced to manage the bank Arrima candidate Regular Skilled Workers Program. The previous program was based on a “first-come, first-served” approach, but has since become an electronic system to receive applications.

Quebec EOI system manages profiles of candidates applying for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de Selection du Québec, or CSQ). A CSQ is necessary for people to apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Worker Program Regular Quebec.

Candidates make their EOI in Arrima profile and then placed in a pool of candidates and ranking.

MiFi problem invitation to submit CSQ based on the scores of candidates or other factors such as the labor market needs of the province.

This law allows candidates selected to apply CSQ within an average period of six months, beginning on the date when all the forms and documents required to process the application has been accepted and added to the file.

Those who received CSQ then can apply for permanent residence with the Canadian federal government. From there, they will undergo a medical examination and acceptance of a criminal investigation.

Candidates who receive a CSQ can apply for permanent residence with the Canadian federal immigration ministry, which verifies the receipt of medical and criminal.

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