Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day, denotes the historic occasion in which Canada picked up their freedom from Great Britain in 1867. This important holiday celebrates the birth of Canada as a free country and is celebrated every year on July 1st. The eagerly awaited occasion is celebrated with parades, festivals, and widespread presentations of Canadian pride. Regardless of whether you need to toss your own Canada Day celebration or partake in countrywide occasions, there is numerous way to show your Canadian pride for this important holiday!

Wear your most patriotic outfit.

Many people show their Canadian pride on Canada day by dressing up in the country’s colors of red and white. You can keep it straightforward by wearing a shirt with a maple leaf or a Canadian flag, or get innovative with your clothing ways your Canadian pride by dressing head to toe in Canadian-inspired outfits.

  • Dress from going to toe in red and white clothing.
  • Wear buttons or pins that bear the Canadian flag.
  • Wear a Canadian banner hat.
  • Put on your most snazzy Canadian tuxedo, a denim jacket and denim pants.

Paint your body to match your outfit.

If you need to go above and beyond to demonstrate your patriotism, you can use body paint or temporary hair color. Get inventive with Canadian-inspired body paint, temporary tattoos, or nail art. Be striking with your Canada Day look!

  • Apply temporary tattoos of the Canadian flag or red maple leaves to your cheeks, arms, or legs.
  • Paint your nails red and white, or go above and beyond and use nail art to delineate red or gold maple leafs and Canadian banners.
  • Use temporary hair shading spray or hair chalk to put streaks of red and white in your hair.


Wave your Canadian flag.

Regardless of whether you are planning to go to Canada Day events or facilitating your celebration, gladly show your Canadian flag. Hang a flag outside of your home or wave a flag at a Canada day march, or wrap the flag over your shoulders. The size of your flag doesn’t make a difference, so long as you display it proudly!

  • If you are planning on attending a large Canada day celebration, you might have the ability to discover small novelty flags for purchase.


Host a Canada Day party or barbecue.

Invite your loved ones to come and participate in the celebration of Canada’s freedom. Decorate your home with Canadian themed party supplies, for example, red and white streamers or red maple leafs. Request that everybody wear their most loved Canada-enlivened outfits, and offer Canadian themed drinks and food.

  • Host a potluck in which visitors bring their foods local to every one of the Canadian territories.
  • Buy little Canadian themed take party gifts to offer to your guests, for example, novelty Canada flags or maple leaf temporary tattoos.

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Eat your favorite Canadian foods.

Regardless of whether you are hosting a party, attending a party, or celebrating Canada day all alone, eating your most loved Canadian foods is a great method to celebrate! Research formulas for poutine, beaver tails, or Canadian Pizza, and make them at home. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, head out and grab some of your favorites at local Canada celebrations! See below for some of Canada’s most notable dishes.

  • French fries with sauce and cheese curds, or try making berry poutine
  • Rotisserie bread mixture with cinnamon and stew (beaver tails)
  • Deep fried bread dough with cinnamon and chili (beaver tails)
    Lobster rolls or fried clams
  • Baklava
  • Canadian flag cupcakes or cake
  • Cupcakes made to look like beavers
  • Canadian Pizza


Attend a parade.

Many cities in Canada will hold parades on Canada day, huge and little. Parades are frequently gone to by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, an important symbol of Canada, and may include nearby floats or marching bands. Parades vary by city and region, so check online to find parade route nearest to you.


Go to a Canada Day festival.

Many larger cities in Canada host huge events with many free attractions. Celebrations may have magic shows, stilt walkers, bouncy castles, and incredible food options. Some cities put on free concerts and show to celebrate, and almost all events have fun activities for everyone.

  • Consider visiting the country’s capital city of Ottawa to attend Canada Day festivities. Ottawa tosses a fabulous occasion on the grounds and surrounds of Parliament House, with activities throughout the day and a huge fireworks show in the evening.
  • The City of Toronto has a yearly Canada Day celebration that includes circus acts, big name appearances, and musical guests.


Watch a firecrackers show.

No Canada Day celebration would be finished without bright and vivid firecrackers. Many cities put on their own different fireworks shows, which can be seen from numerous spots in the urban areas. Check online for venues that put on firecrackers shows nearest to you, and keep in mind that some cities offer specific viewing areas that may require the purchase of tickets.

If you are unable to attend the fireworks, purchase sparklers or small fireworks to use at home, always be careful, safe, and follow all directions for using fireworks at home.


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