A snow route parking ban stays as a result as city groups keep clearing roads following the weekend snowfall.

The parking restriction started Monday at early afternoon and could last up to three entire days, or once the city reports it has been lifted.

The ban requires vehicles to be gotten off snow routes until the ban is lifted, regardless of whether a road has been furrowed. Calgary Parking Authority officers screen snow routes, and anyone who doesn’t move their vehicle could be ticketed or towed.

Snow routes are located on major roadways, authority roads, and most bus routes, and can be identified throughout the city by blue signs with a white snowflake.

Any snowfall of two centimeters or more activates the city’s seven-day snow-clearing plan. Inside the first 24 hours following a snowfall, the city clears Priority 1 roads before proceeding onward to Priority 2 roads, which include key bus routes such as Kensington Road and Acadia Drive.

Roads spokesman Chris McGeachy said crews on Monday evening were focused on clearing Priority 1 routes — those that handle the city’s biggest traffic volumes, seeing upwards of 20,000 vehicles for every day, for example, Glenmore, Sarcee, and Macleod trails.

He said crews would almost certainly get a jump on Priority 2 streets, those most affected by the parking ban, later in the day.

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“As far as everything is concerned, our crews are just really trying to make sure the major roads are in good shape for the commute (Tuesday) morning,” McGeachy said.

“We simply need to help people that in any case to remember whether the sun’s out and assisting with the melting, there probably will be icy conditions on those roads (Tuesday) morning, so we’re just reminding people to drive to the conditions.”

Following Calgary’s weeks-long deep stop, the current week’s forecast includes warmer temperatures. Tuesday’s high should reach – 4 C with a 30 percent chance of flurries, trailed by more snow Wednesday with a high of – 5 C, as per Environment Canada.

McGeachy said it’s rare to see such bans last the full 72 hours.

“I don’t prefer to curse anything besides we do want to be in there and out as fast as could reasonably be expected,” he said. “That is the reason it’s outrageously vital for individuals to evacuate their vehicles. At the point when individuals move their vehicles, our groups can do those (Priority 2 highways) significantly snappier. That is the reason we truly stress the significance of compliance.”

Fines for violations of the ban went up to $120 during the current year’s winter season. Be that as it may, that tumbles to $80 if the ticket is paid inside 10 days. It costs $90 if the ticket is paid inside 30 days.

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During a snow course leaving boycott, vehicles can keep on leaving in the ParkPlus system zones from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. The Calgary Parking Authority offers free overnight parking during the bans from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. in any ParkPlus surface lot or parkade displaying the ParkPlus logo.

On-street accessible parking zones located on snow routes are exempt from parking bans.

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