Kicking off this month, Brampton’s Academy for Martial Arts will have ladies’ self-defense classes.

The four-week class will focus on helping women learn skills to remain safe and defend themselves when important. The class puts a major accentuation on empowering women to use their voices and body language to de-heighten circumstances or eremove themselves from potentially dangerous spots.

“Self-defence isn’t just about kicking and punching. It’s important that we figure out how to use our body language and tone of voice to send boundaries before it becomes physical,” says Sensei Sue, one of the instructors for the class.

Members will likewise figure out how to use self-awareness to identify conflict, how to escape from physical attacks and how to strike securely and effectively.

Classes will be run essentially with female instructors, with male instructors available to carry on situations, providing participants with the opportunity to put into action some of the things they’ll learn.

The four-week class, which is just $96, starts October 22 and runs four consecutive weeks from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Women age 15 and older can participate. Classes will be hosted weekly at AMA’s location at 13 Fisherman Drive. Spaces are limited, find out more here.


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