Canadians who have missed work because of COVID-19 can start applying for new financial supports from the federal government today.

New benefits come into effect because of increased concern about increasing loss of jobs to Ontario and Quebec impose targeted restrictions on restaurant, bar and fitness center to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Applications for the new Canadian Recovery Benefit, which will pay $ 500 per week to 26 weeks, can be done through the Canada Revenue Agency.

Benefits of new caregivers are also effective today, after many calls since the beginning of the pandemic to add support for the elderly and others who are forced to work long to care for because it depends COVID-19.

Women have seen a disproportionate impact on the career and income for their pandemic because they have shouldered most of the burden of child care and home schooling.

Caregiver benefits apply to people who lose their jobs because of school or daycare closures, and that children who miss school or daycare because they have contracted the virus or may have been exposed.

This also applies to people forced to work long to care for family members who need special treatments available to them because COVID-19.

The federal government anticipates 700,000 Canadians will apply for the benefit of caregivers.

The government also created a sick-leave benefits that the new pay up to $ 1,000 for two weeks for people who can not work because they are contracted COVID-19 or must themselves isolated because of a virus.

The multibillion-dollar suite of new benefits take affect after a fierce political battles in parliament eventually see all parties voted in favor of them, but not before serving widespread concern that the Liberal government rushed them through.

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