When it comes to building out, surprisingly Developments in Brampton still has room to grow.

According to a recent report by Ryerson’s City Building Institute, Peel Region is expected to go from 1.46 million people to 1.97 million over the next 25 years, but Brampton is taking in most of that growth…at 64 percent.

With more people expected to enter Brampton, more residential, as well as service needs, will be required. That is why it’s no surprise to see that a public meeting scheduled this month by the city’s planning and development committee will have eight development applications on the docket.
City residents will be able to look at the plans in an open house at the City Hall Atrium, before proceeding to the planning meeting to get the full presentation.
Here’s a brief rundown on the development applications.

54 single detached homes on 3 future residential blocks in Ward 10
The applicant, Candevcon Limited, is requesting an application for this residential development, adding with it a park, stormwater management pond, environmental lands, associated buffers, and a local road system.

It is located on the southwest corner of Mayfield Road and McVean Drive, bordering Caledon.

Developments in Brampton

There is also a request to amend the zoning bylaw from “Residential Rural Estate Holding” to site-specific Residential Single Detached Sections.

Here’s a closer rendition of the site with the exact number of proposed residential units.

Residential Rural Estate Holding (1)

A 3 storey daycare facility with 57 parking spaces in Ward 6

This property is proposed to be located on 756 and 766 Wanless Drive, just west of the intersection of Wanless and Queen Mary Drive.


It will also require an amendment to the zoning bylaw to develop a 3 storey daycare facility, along with 57 parking spaces and outdoor play areas.

outdoor play areas

Two new hotels and a banquet hall in Ward 6

The application proposes to develop the property for two hotels, a banquet hall, and office / retail uses, which would require an amendment to the zoning bylaw to rezone the property from agricultural to commercial use.

Mississauga Road

The proposed property is located at 2009 Steeles Avenue West and 7920 Mississauga Road.

Mississauga Rd

A 17 storey apartment building near downtown Brampton in Ward 1.

This application proposes to amend the city’s official plan and zoning bylaw to redevelop a 0.89-hectare property with a high rise apartment building. The property is located at 80 Scott Street.

pasted image 0

Some of the additional features of this proposed development, besides the 17 storeys, are a proposed 358 units, a floor space index (FSI) of 4.06, a density of approximately 416 units per hectare, 467 below-grade parking spaces and two vehicle access points from Scott Street.

scott street

A 3 storey mixed-use building in Ward 2

An application has been submitted to amend the city’s official plan and zoning bylaw to develop a mixed-use building containing office, medical office, and commercial/retail uses.

This property is located at 10394 Hurontario Street. Teamdalemundi designed To Help You Find A Buyer Or Tenant Quickly And At Minimal Cost.

Hurontario Street

Several features of the proposed development include:

  • Ground floor retail having 296.37 square meters
  • Ground floor medical office having 185.81 square meters.
  • Second-floor medical office having 519.19 square meters.
  • Third-floor office having 519.19 square meters.
  • A total of 83 parking spaces.


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