The Notebook is the great story of a rich young lady, Allie (played by Rachel McAdams), who falls for poor and hopelessly unattractive young ruffian, Noah (played by Ryan Gosling). It’s most associated with its tragedy of a consummation, in which (SPOILERS) it’s uncovered that the two seniors whose tale frames the story are in fact the future Noah and Allie. Noah’s been perusing to Allie from his scratch pad, either out of sentimental supposition or in light of the fact that he was too cheap to even consider springing for a Tom Clancy paperback. We likewise discover that Allie has dementia, implying that the story’s everything new to her. (Or on the other hand who knows? Perhaps Noah’s making everything up to trick a senile stranger.)

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In the closing moments of the film, Noah twists up with Allie, and the two bite the die together hand-in-hand. Pass the goddamn Kleenex. Then it cuts to a flock of birds for some reason. We can just expect they contain the resurrected spirits of the couple, thus paving the way for an animated romp centered on their hilarious avian adventures.

In any case, UK Netflix’s version of the movie discards this scene. Rather than showing the couple lovingly shedding their human loops together, it just cuts to the birds and ends. The weirdest part is that no one’s exactly sure what the hell happened here. Netflix claims they didn’t edit the film, and that this was just the copy sent to them.

So if they really didn’t edit the movie, where did this phantom ending come from? Nobody knows! Indeed, even the fancy DVD version, which is packed full with erased scenes (and … stickers, for reasons unknown) doesn’t contain this form.

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So somewhere out there is a rogue editor, intercepting mail to tinker with depressing love stories. Hey, maybe next you could try altering Titanic so that Rose shimmies over to make some room for Jack on that door?

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