Singh will be the first non-white party leader to sit in the House of Commons.
Jagmeet Singh has won the House of Commons seat for Burnaby South in one of three by-elections the country over on Monday, in the greatest trial of his leadership of the NDP so far.

With 180 of 196 surveys counted Elections Canada announced Singh winning with 38.5 percent of the vote, followed by Liberal candidate Richard T. Lee at 25.8 percent. Conservative Jay Shin placed third with 22.9 percent.

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The race was viewed as a represent the deciding moment contest for Singh, who might have confronted strain to venture down as the party leader ahead of the upcoming federal election.

Thank you Burnaby South! I’m determined & ready to fight for the help people need – from the housing crisis to health care not covering everyone the way it should, Canadians deserve better. This isn’t the end of a campaign – it’s the beginning of one.

See you in Parliament.

The success will give Singh, who has been to a great extent absent from the Ottawa political scene since he won the leadership race very nearly year and a half back, some much-needed visibility in Canada’s parliament.

The 40-year-old former leader of the Ontario NDP has faced repeated criticism over an appearing absence of recognition with Canada’s foreign policy, low survey numbers, and a leadership style under which 11 of the 44 New Democrat MPs who won seats in 2015 state they won’t run again in 2019.

The results bring to an end a turbulent race in Burnaby South, which saw the primary Liberal candidate Karen Wang become entangled in debate after she posted a message on WeChat, asking Chinese voters to vote in favor of her since she was the main Chinese-Canadian candidate, and pointed out Singh’s Indian origin.

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The riding likewise observed the ascent of People’s Party candidate Laura-Lynn Thompson, who got 11 percent of the vote. Thompson is a former Christian radio host and anti-abortion activist who was accused of politicizing the murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen, who was allegedly killed by a Syrian refugee in July 2017.

Ontario competitor Scot Davidson held on to a Conservative seat in York-Simcoe, while Liberal Rachel Bendayan will take over the Montreal riding of Outremont, which was previously held by former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

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